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In 936, King Wang Geon of Goryeoheaded out to conquer the Hubaekjekingdom, there was a flood at Bokhacheon. SeoMokhelped him cross the river.
The king quoted the historical fact ' iseopdaecheon' meaning it was advantageous to cross the river from the Book of Changes. The first and last syllables were taken to name Icheon. (Source : SinjeungDonggukyeojiseungnam).

Icheonhad been a part of Baekjeand then was a strategic point for the armies of Goguryeoand Sila. Icheonhad a high reputation as the production site of ceramics and rice that was served to the king. Nowadays, companies like Hite Jinro, OB Beer and HynixSemiconductors are in Icheon. So Icheonhas a blend of urban and rural characteristics. There are also many cultural resources including the HaegangCeramics Art Gallery, SeolbongPark, IcheonHot Springs and Ceramics village. Icheonis an abundant city famous for producing many specialty goods such as rice, peaches, milk vetch roots and dodrampork.

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