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Dorip Scodang
Three schoolmasters run Dorip (which means to build one’s moral character) Seodang at Dorip 1-ri, Baeksa-myeon.
People can learn the Great Learning, the Analects of Confucius and the World of Mencius, among others, and also experience traditional etiquette and Korean culture.
Add : 38-92, Wonjeok-ro, 775beon-gil, Baeksa-myeon, Icheon-si
Tel : 031-634-3357, 633-3356
Website : www.dorip.com
Dorip Scodang
Ichcon Chunghak Secdang
Chunghak Seodang was built at Ipyeong-ri,Maja.ng-myeon in 2007. Children can learn the importance of our tradition and etiquette to become adults by experiencing traditional costumes and traditional ways of life.
Add : 100, lseopdaecheon-ro 15Sbeon-gil, Majang-myeon,Icheon-si
Tel : 031-637-1000
Website : www.chunghakseodang.co.kr
Occupancy : 400 people
Ichcon Chunghak Secdang
Icheon Global Peace Village
Icheon Global Peace Village provides participants with a living environment equivalent to that of English-speaking countries. Through various activities such as world cuisine experience, street experience and broadcasting experience, it helps people to instill self-confidence in English and to improve their English communicative competence through fun and natural experiences. There are three different programs such as regular, weekend and vacation programs.
Address: Korea UNESCO Peace Center, 167, Deokpyeong-ro, 470beon-gil, Hobeop-myeon, Icheon-si
Tel : 031-637-9840
Website: http://gpv.unesco.or.kr
Icheon Global Peace Village
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