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Agricultural Experience

Jachaobanga Maeul (Village)
Yangnyeong Daegun, the oldest son of King Taejong,traveled around the nation, but he spent 16 years at Jachaebanga Maeul. Many Yangnyeong Daegun's relics are in the village. Folk activities that princes used to engage in are held here, and visitors can experience folk music and also visit the mill museum here.
Add : 130-23, Daewol-ro 436beon-gil, Daewol-myeon, lcheon-si
Tel : 031 -634-4283
jachacbanga Maeul (Village)
Buraemi Maeul(Village)
This is a small agricultural village in Yul-myeon, Icheon. It has about 30 households. There are various programs, including pungmullori, learning mask dances, yellow soil dyeing, ceramics, making soft dubu(tofu), and other seasonal programs. The village offers rest and romance to travelers and many pleasurable experiences for children.
Add : 177, Geumyul-ro 640beon-gil, Yul-myeon, Icheon-si
Tel : 031 -643-081 7
Website : www.buraemi.com
Buraemi aeuI(ViIlage)
Noseong Mt. Station Village
Bus Stop Village, where you can experience the farm amidst the green energy of Mt. Noseong, offers various unique experience programs in Mt. Noseong, including ecoteering, amusement rides, hiking, map drawing, mudfish catching, rice cake making, and pork barbecue.
Add : 34-8, Jinsangmi-ro 867be¤n-gil, Seolseong-myeon, lcheon-sl
Tel : 031-614-5600
Website : www.nsmtstation.om
Noseong Mt. Station Village
Doniwool Village
Donium Village is a typical farm village located between VVonducheon and Yanghwacheon. Its golden plains are one of the greatest producers of quality King Brand Icheon Rice. Doniul Village is preserved as a healthy village of longevity as there are many healthy seniors who are over 100 years of age. One of its attractions is Sodo where people held farmers' ceremonies, festivals, and rituals during the Bronze
Address: 395, Daewol-ro, 667beon-gil, Daewol-myeon, Icheon-si
Tel : 031-632-8726
Website : http://doniwool.invil.org
Douiwool Village
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