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페이스북 트위터

By Car

Yeongdong Expressway : Icheon I.C, Deokpyeong I.C

Jungbu Expressway : West Icheon I.C, Gonjiam I.C

National Highways : National Road No. 3 from Seongnam(Gwangju) National Road No. 42 from Suwon(Yongin)

By Bus

Dongseoul Bus Terminal : 06:10~22:20 (15 minutes intervals, 50 minutes ride)

Gangnam Express Bus Terminal : 06:30~22:30 (30 minutes intervals, 1 hour ride)

Dongseoul Bus Terminal 1688-5979

Gangnam Express Bus Terminal 1688-4700

Icheon Bus Terminal (031)635-5431

Important Phone Number

Ichen Police Station 182

Ichen Post Office (031)635-2820

Ichen Fire Station (031)645-5211

Ichen City Hall (031)644-2000

Ichen Tourism&Int’l Relation Section (031)645-1988

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