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Leisure Sport

Golf Courses
Add : B.A Vista Country Club
Tel : (031)636-3577
Website : www.bavista.co.kr
Golf Courses
Add : Deokpyeong Hillview Country Club
Tel : (031)638-9626~8
Website : www. dpcc.co.kr
Golf Courses
Add : New Springville Country Club
Tel : (031)630-7500
Website : www. newspringvillecc.co.kr
Golf Courses
Add : The Ban Golf Club
Tel : (031)645-6100
Website : www.theban.co.kr
Golf Courses
Ski Resorts
The Jisan Forest Resort is only 50 minutes from Seoul, and many skiers enjoy going there. There are 8 slopes of varying difficulty for both beginners and pros. The Jisan Maple Condominiums are also located at the resort.
Add : 267 Jisan-ro, Majang-myeon, Icheon
Tel : (031) 638-8460
Website : www.jisanresort.co.kr
Ski Resorts
Icheon Marathon
The Icheon Marathon is held every September in the abundant fields of Icheon.
There are several courses including a health course (5km), mini course (10km) and half course.
Many marathoners who love the countryside participate with their families.
Tel : (031) 631-9480, 5780
Website : www.2000marathon.or.kr
Icheon Marathon
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