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Religion/Holy Land

Dannaeseongji Catholic Holy Land
Dannaeseongji is the longest-existing village for Christian believers in Korea. It was an important mission site for Father Kim Daegeon and commemorates five martyrs. The holy land is at Mt. Wmyongsan, and there is a 5.2km pilgrimage course that can be walked. It is a nice meditating hike for Catholics as well as non-believers.
Add : 38-13, Iseopdaecheon-ro 155beon-gil, Hobeop-myeon, lcheon-si
Tel : 031-633-9531
Website : www.danne.or.kr
Darmacscongji Catholic Holy Land
Pilgrimage Courses
Holy Statue→Path of the Cross→Martyrs Tombs (300m / 40 minutes)
Holy Land→Sacred Heart of Jesus→Holy Land (900m / 40 minutes)
Holy Land→Sacred Heart of Jesus→Geomeun Bawi→Saint Kim Daegeon Path→Holy Land (2km, 1 hour)
Holy Land→Sacred Heart of Jesus→Geomeun Bawi→Gulbawi→Holy Land (4km, 2 hours)
Eonongseongji Catholic Holy Land
This is a holy land that honors Yun Yuil, Jihwang, and Choc Ingil, who made an effort to bring Father Jacob Zhou Wenmo to Korea. Yun Yuil was the first martyr during the Eulmyo Persecutions. The Chinese priest, Father jacob Zhou Wcnmo, was also martyred in 1801.The holy land commemorates 9 martyrs.
Add : 148, Eonong-ro 62beon-gil, Moga-myeon, Icheon-si
Tel : 031-636-4061
Website : www.onong.or.kr
Eonongseongji Catholic Holy Land
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