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[Sight No.1] Mt. DodeuramsanSambong (Three Peaks)

The mountain is also called Jeomyeongsan. There is a story associated with this mountain. A long time ago, a son who cared very much for his mother climbed a cliff with a rope to pick manna lichens, which were said to have the potential to cure his mother’s illness. He heard a boar and looked up, only to see that the rope was almost cut.
A mountain god saved his life. The mountain was called Dodureum-san (boar’s cry), which eventually changed to Dodeuramsan as time passed. The mountain is 349m high, the main ridge is formed with cliffs, and you can enjoy hiking the mountain within 2 hours. The 3 peaks of the main ridge are representative sights of Icheon.

Hiking Courses

Parking lot→Yeongbosa Temple→Peak No. 1, Peak No. 2, Peak No. 3→Summit→Dwaejigul→Mineral spring→Parking lot (2~3 hours)
Parking lot→Spring fork→Swiungil fork→Peak No. 1→Peak No. 2→Peak No. 3→Summit→Bawi Observatory→3-way intersection→Valley path→Below expressway→Parking lot (2~3 hours)

[Sight No.2] Seolbongho Lake

Seolbongho Lake is a famous spot in Seolbong Park. The lake has an area of over 24 acres and a circumference of 1.05 km. Many people go to the lake to walk around or to exercise. When the 80m high fountain sprays water, you can see a beautiful rainbow. Around the lake is Seolbong International Sculpture Park, which has a number of sculptures by famous artists.

[Sight No.3] Mt. Seolbongsan Samhyeongje Bawi(Rock)

If you take the hiking path up from the entrance, after about 15 minutes, you will come upon three large rocks. According to a local legend, a long time ago, there were three brothers who loved their mother. One day they went to look for their mother, who was lost in the mountains. They saw their mother being confronted by a tiger, so all three of them jumped off a cliff at the same time in an attempt to save her. At that moment, the three brothers turned into these rocks.

[Sight No.4] Seolbong-sanseong Fortress

Seolbongsanseong Fortress is the fortress where General Kim Yusin of the Silla Period planned his strategies to unify the Three Kingdoms under his rule. It is a stone fortress that was built in the late 4th century. The fortress played an important role in military activities and ruling the region. The relics discovered over the course of five archaeological digs are on exhibit at the Icheon Municipal Museum.

[Sight No.5] Sansuyu Maeul (Village)

In Dorip-ri and Gyeongsa-ri in Baeksa-myeon, Icheon, there is a village with thousands of Japanese cornel trees that are 100 - 500 years old. In March and April, the flowers bloom, and in October, the red fruits seduce tourists. There is also a pavilion called Yukgoejeong, which is endowed with the spirit of a wise man from the Joseon Period.

[Sight No.6] Ballyongsong Dragon-pine Tree, Natural Monument No. 381

Near Sansuyu Maeul, Ballyongsong (Natural Monument No. 381) attracts the attention of people passing by. The tree looks like a twirling dragon on its way up to heaven. The Buddhist Priest Doseon guksa of the Silla Period was a master of geomancy. He designated 5 ideal spots for planting trees. This is said to be one of them.

[Sight No.7] Anheungji Aeryeonjeong Pavilion

The precise construction date of Aeryeonjeong at Anheungji Pond is unknown, but the pavilion was rebuilt by Yi Sebo and named in 1466. It was restored by the Icheon Municipal Authority in December 1998. The elegant pavilion goes well with the surrounding scenery, and local citizens like to go there for rest.

[Sight No.8] Mt. Noseongsan Malmeori Bawi (Rock)

Mt. Noseongsan is 310m above sea level, there are many fantastic rock cliffs here, like Gulbawi, Byeongpung Bawi, and Malmeori Bawi. At the entrance to the mountain, there is a sports park. On a clear day, you can see all the way to Gamgok, Anseong, Iljuk, Yeoju, and Yangpyeong from the top of the mountain. Mt. Noseongsan has the 8th sight of Icheon’s 9 Sights to See, Malmeori Bawi.

[Sight No.9] Icheon Ceramics Village

The Saeum-dong and Sindun-myeon areas include a ceramics village with many ceramics stores. Ceramic artists have researched traditional manufacturing methods and reenacted the beauty of Goryeo celadon and Joseon white porcelain here. The village is the center of the effort to preserve such artistic spirits.

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