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traditional temples

Yeongworam (Icheon Historic Relic No. 14)
This is said to have been built by the Buddhist priest Uisang daesa during King Munmu`s reign of the Silla Kingdom, but there is no evidence to support this. Yeongworam also is home to the Standing Yeorae image carved on a rock surface, which was designated as National Treasure No. 822. The stone halo and lotus flower pedestal of Yeongworam was also design- ated as Icheon Historic Relic No. 3 and crafted during the early part of Goryeo Dynasty. In AD 774 (in the 50th year of King Yeongjo), Bugaksa Temple was recon- structed by the great Buddhist priest Yeongwol Nanggyu and named Yeongworam, after his Buddhist name.
Youngwolam(Ichc0n Historic Relic No. 14)
Yeongwonsa Temple
Nestled to the south of Mt. Wonjeoksan, Yeongwonsa Temple was constructed by the Buddhist priest Haeho seonsa in the 7th year(AD 638) of Queen Seondeok of the Silla Kingdom. At that time, it was allegedly located a little higher up the mountain. It was named Yeongwonam from its inception to the period of Japanese colonial rule, and enshrined as Pharmacist Sitting Buddha Statue made of water agates at the time.
In AD 1068(in the 22nd year of King Munjong of Goryeo Dynasty), the burnt down temple was reconstructed by the national Buddhist priest Hyegeo guksa.
Add : 309-52, Wonjeok-ro, 869beon-gil, Baeksa-myeon, Icheon-si
Tel : 03 1-632-4404
Yeongwonsa Temple
Sinheungsa Temple
Located right down from the ancient Seolseong Fortress,Sinheungsa Temple had allegedly originated from Seolseongsa Temple and was constructed during the era of the Three Kingdoms. However, this fact cannot be confirmed.
Add : 246-314, Gyeongchung-daero, 519beon-gil, Janghowon-eup, Icheon-si
Tel : 031-641-0156
Sinheungsa Temple
Yeonhwajeongsa Temple
There used to be a temple called Jeongsusa at Mt. Yeongaksan in Jaseok-ri, Seolseong-myeon. It was buried at the end of the Joseon Dynasty Era. The temple was rebuilt in 1967.
Address: 157, Jaseok-ro, 14beon-gil, Seolseong-myeon, Icheon-si
Tel : 031-643-6441
Yeonhwajeongsa Temple
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